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98 Durango 4x4 (stock) what should I do now?

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So my friends ex-girlfriend was wanting to sell her 98 durango a couple months back, she wanted $1500, I offered her $800 and she took it, its 4x4, has 145,000 miles, and this thing runs good! its a beast! so I got this durango for $800, the power steering hose was shot out, I replaced that, ($20 fix) next thing I did was had my local car audio shop install a Kenwood deck to replace the old stock stereo and they also ran an amp wire kit and installed 2 pairs of 6.5 speakers in the door ($300 for all), then I found an Arc Audio 900.1D amp for $200, I got the amp under the 2nd row seat, This amp is powering 2 Alpine Type-R subs that I picked up for $250, my stereo sounds very loud now, I am satisfied with that for now... (my wallet is not satisfied, lol) but was wanting to do something else, but not sure yet... looking for cheap things to fix it up and make it look better, its a brown color as you guys can see in the pics below, Was thinking next maybe having the windows tinted darker, it has factory tint right now, but I dont know... any suggestions or help on the next thing to do would great, maybe new headlights? or I dont know, this is my first durango, it is a 4x4 but will probably not be using the 4x4 much, this is just a ride to cruise around locally, I have another car that is gas friendly that I use for long trips, (since I only get 9.9 MPG in this durango).. thanks alot guys and I hope to have this durango looking better and running better soon and I will post pics with my progress and your guys help should get me there, thanks!!


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What about these smoke taillilghts.. they are only $54 for the pair, plus $26 shipping


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those look a ton better than the crappy euro ones
thats what I was thinking..
Ok guys, I havent been updating my thread lately, but I found some extra funds and I will be updating soon and adding some new taillights and possibly headlights.. heres what I did yesterday

1. Installed new shocks
2. Installed new upper ball joints
3. Installed new upper bushings

Now since my durango is brown, and the inside in brown n black.. im looking more for maybe some black I could add to her.. maybe smoked taillights, or smoked taillight covers, .. do you guys have any good suggestions for cheap smoked taillights or good smoked taillight covers?? have around $60-$80 to spend..

was thinking of smoked headlights and taillights, what do you guys think??
those are fine, just note the turning signals have a buldge in them near the corner light.
All those headlights fit like crap unless its a DEPO brand
Oh i didnt know they fit like crap.. thats good to know.. you said DEPO brand headlights??
Well i plan on getting a cold air intake , and I need your help on taillights and headlights, I was leaning towards smoked taillights and headlights because I think the black will flush well with the Brown on my durango... or should I go with clear?? my durango is pictured on the first post in this thread.. lets have a poll

Smoked or Not Smoked..

(not that ALOT of ppl are reading this or anything.. lol.. but what da ya guys think.. smoke or no smoke to go with my poop brown durango)
and hey zclif that dakota looks sweeeet
I put new taillights in, new short stubby antenna, and cold air intake.. pics comin soon
If you want it to look good, then Halo's isn't going to help there. lol
and make you some grill inserts
but first, more pix
also, just get some frosted corner lights, and get rid of the roof racks
Ok BeauDuke01 , Im listening... Is that your durango in your sig? looks sweet!.. heres the taillights I put in, more pics coming soon, I want to get some headlights next, I was thinking smoke headlights, what do you guys recommend? The taillights went in like a perfect fit but ive heard those ebay headlights sometimes dont fit that good.. My durango is a poop brown, so Im going with black "accessories" or whatever, check out the smoke taillights what do ya guys think? I like them, they are okay, but I might change them out later down the line but they will work for now.


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Yea, that's my baby
Have done a bunch of stuff to her since that pic was taken, I need to update my sig
You need to ditch the factory rear wiper arm, and get one from a 2nd gen rango
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