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97-04 Remove windshield wipers (no special tools)

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97-04 Remove windshield wipers (no special tools) 2002 Dodge Dakota wiper arm removal

Use small flat blade screwdriver to remove cap from wipers
use masking tape to mark both wipers on windshield (this will make re-install easier)
remove wiper nut
spray screws with WD-40 (wait 10 minutes)
loosely replace nut (thread good with no thread exposure)
Use large channel locks (inverted), place head bite of channel locks under wiper, place lower bite of channel locks on loosely threaded nut. remember channel locks are inverted!!!!
squeeze until you hear or feel the blade pop off.
loosen nut all the way off and take pressure off wiper spring (keeps it on the windshield)
Pull off - complete.

Make sure when you reinstall the blades they first match the masking tape before tightening the nut.

~Respect, Shifty
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