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96-99 PPH Headers

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Hi All,
So up for sale I have a set of 96-99 2WD ONLY headers. They are Mopar, headers, I've had them on my truck since new and since I've gotten rid of the truck, it's now time to get rid of the headers. I kept them thinking they would fit on my 98 4x4 Durango, but they won't clear the frame on the pax side or the steering shaft on the driver's side. Included is the Y-pipe assy. Yes it is an abomination but that's they way I bought it from some one off a long closed down board years ago and never used it, but I figure a good welder or shop can make these work. The headers are in pretty good condition for being 16 years old with some rust by the two middle pipes. I've included pics so you can make the decision for yourselves. I do not know if these will fit a Dakota or Durango 2WD. Asking $275 shipped. I'm planning on $75 for shipping, if shipping turns out to be less to your area, I'll refund the difference. Price is for headers and I'm throwing in the Y-pipe since the end will take some work to modify.


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Bump for a good deal. Best thing about them is they go in super easy.
PM sent.
I certainly picked up a few ponies from my headers and custom y-pipe. With the mods listed in my sig they REALLY woke my truck up and this is a great deal on these as well. A little more $$ than eBay headers but will make much more power.
Haven't forgotten, on my weekend now and will reply to all inquiries.
Where in Norcal are you?
Still have the dodge Dakota pph headers?
Feel free to call me.
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