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Hi there I have a 91 Dakota, 2wd, regular cab, long box, 5.2L and auto. I am looking for a 2-3" lift preferably suspension. Can anybody give me a hand in locating parts to do this. Ihave tried calling to a lot of the major companies and not much luck there.
I have also been told that the front springs out of a Bronco 2 or Ranger 4wd will work for the front end. Dose anybody no if this is true. THanks for any kind of help.

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Fabtech makes a 2" and a 3" suspension lift for 2wd trucks. I'm not sure if they make one for the 91 but I'm considering the 2" for my 98. I would go with the 2". Its 299.99 at <www.4wheelonline.com>. If you want to go any higher another 2" body lift should do the trick and together (suspension and body lift) come out to be less expensive than the 3" kit.

Hope that this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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