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Sorry to bring this thread out again, but I tore the truck apart looking for the damn wires.... damn I feel stupid now....
'S okay. Gives me an excuse to say I FINALLY GOT MY TAYLOR 8MM "SPIRO" WIRES ON MY 3.9! I think they had to make a set special at the factory. I ordered them through truckperformance.com. They were nice enough on the phone about the delay, and even offered to call Taylor to find out if they'd shipped them yet. But yikes, it too about 3 weeks to get 'em.

They fit well, though. My one beef is that they don't have the extended extra-wide round plug boots like the OE ones do. If you have a 3.9, you know what I'm talking about. The boots fit inside the metal shields that go around the plugs and have a wide piece that "plugs" the hole so the entire spark plug is nicely sealed. I don't know if these are available from Taylor or other aftermarkets, but I looked at a set from NAPA that DID have the correct ends. But they were 7mm with ordinary OEM style cores. I want to get as much out of my MSD coil as it has to give.

I've been upgrading ignition one piece at a time, starting with NAPA brass dist cap, then the MSD coil and now the Taylor 8mm wires, running a tank of gas through after each and checking the mileage. So far, I've gone from 12 to 14 mpg in mostly city driving. To tell the truth, I think the biggest gain was from the new cap. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the new wires.

BTW I noticed just a bit of radio interference with these wires. They must be doing something! :wave:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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