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89 drag truck build

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first off this might be the wrong section, was looking to start a build thread so if im in the wrong section sorry. i bought a 89 rc sb 4 cyl. 5 speed dakota about 4 years ago with plans to swap a 68 mild build 340, 727 and 8 3/4 rear end in it. it was my dads and i's project. it took a little but got that done and we ran it like that until last fall dad hit a tree with it. it ran a best of 13.1 and it was ok but now this gives me the perfect opportunity to go the route i wish i did in the beginning. im still in the panning stages and have started gathering parts. i have some questions for anyone that has experience with roll cages, tubbing, rear suspension and basically drag setups as well as opinions and suggestions. i originally had plans of 500 hp but just like beer you can never have enough so possibly 600 or maybe more... would like to stick with x heads (ported) stock bore/stroke, and planning on 11.0-13.0 cr on race fuel no alcohol or e85.
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