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8 Lug Conversion Question

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I have an '01 Durango 4.7L V8 4x4. I have acquired 5 Open Country LT325/50/22R Tires on 22" 8 lug (Hummer) Incubus rims. Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the lug pattern of my Durango to accommodate the 8 lug pattern of these rims? Will they fit on my Durango in its stock configuration? If not, what would I need to do to be able to accommodate them?
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u need lug converters. if they make them
That's what I am trying to find out...if anyone has done this or knows for sure if it can be done...I have called about 8 places locally to see if anyone carries what I need or knows what I need but they all refer me elsewhere.
i searched and found the opposite of what u want lol
Lol...the opposite...as in it isn't possible?
Swap the axles to a 1-ton setup... :huh:

Depending on the offest of those wheels, you may be able to just have some adaptors made, but I'm not sure how well it would work trying to fit 8 lugs in with the 6 lugs on the truck.

I say sell them, then buy a nice set of wheels that DO fit the Durango.
No good news I guess...anyone wanna buy a set of 8 lug Incubus wheels with Open Country tires lol. In all seriousness though, thanks for the responses!
shouldnt be too "impossible" just swap out ur axles for some 8 lug full size dodge ram ones. Anything is possible when you have time and parts :) just make sure your measurments are right
i asked about adapters for my old dakota to different, more common bolt patterns. one guy that makes them, Fred Goeske at wheeladapter.com and I talked for a while about adapters. from what he told me, you can only make adapters for different size patterns, not different lugs. meaning you can make an adapter to go from 6x4.5 to 6x5.5, but not from 6x4.5 to a 5 or 8 lug. the idea is that the new lug pattern has to "sit between" the existing lugs in order to fit properly. the only way you may be able to get around it is if the pattern you want is a WAY bigger circle pattern that would fit completely outside the existing bolt pattern you have. and with a 1 ton pattern on top of our little 6x4.5, that may actually be possible. shoot an email to fred and ask. i emailed him and my phone rang 3 minutes later. he's got incredible customer service, and he will definitely try and help you out. anythings possible, just depends how deep your pockets are.
antoher thing to do is see if the 8 lug front hub bearings are close to the same measurments, to the Durango, and maybe you can modify them to fit, and just swap out the rear axle for an 8 lugger.
What about a swap from a dodge ram "2500 4x4 in my case" is that even possible i have no idea but was curious if anyone else mit know sumthing the truck engine is bad

just an idea......
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