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If the universe holds any luck at all.. I should be trying yet again to beat my head against a wall.. I mean get my truck to behave correctly this Saturday at the track.. that is if I can get the parts that were suppose to be here early last week in time and installed. Oh.. man.. just realized.. hope I have enough fuel.. agh.. more stuff to check on.

anyway.. will post up by Friday if I know I am going out for certain or not. A friend may be bringin' his bottle fed LS1 to play with as well.. he is going to try really hard to run a high 10' on street tires.. he did it on E/T streets with less power..

other than that.. here's a lil video I made of our dirt bike adventures..

a few guys that we don't really know are in the video as well.. the ones doing big air.. but I had to film them.. was awesome watching them.

it's about 6 megs long.. so right click and save, if it says server connection failed, give it time and try again later.. its hosted on a friends server that has lots of space for me to use and is free.. but sacrifices speed..

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