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5doorwhore stickers

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What up guys well my good buddy of mine runs a custom decal business and I can get a good offer on a bundle of stickers. I need to know if anyone would be interested in doing this. Post ideas of font, how it's spelt out, color etc.

I was thinking something like 5drwhore#193
or something along that line
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I would be down for a sticker, but I would like to have some of the money go to the website. It would help out the website some or alot
Sounds good. Maybe start a poll and see how many want in.
If I could add a poll I would. Don't know how. But if anyone is interested pm me and I see what I can do. About ideas on lettering and words.
i was planning on getting one made like 5DW #155
Well here is what I have planned. I'm going to get two made for me the way I want them and if you guys like the stickers I could get a list of who wants some and how many. I want two of them to put on my far back side windows. I'll keep you posted
No luck. Haven't had time to get my set ordered. Once I order mine I'll show pics and if you guys wants some I can get some made with your number and what not. I'm still trying to see what font I want and everything
I'd be down for a couple stickers
Ok well I was home for xmas and talked to my buddy and he said it be about 5-6 bucks per sticker cheaper if it's a larger order! So here is what in doing in working on what I want right now and he is gunna make two for me and I'll port up pics and if you guys like it I'll place a order for alot. My plan is to have it say 5doorWhore#193 In a certian font. Well see. I'll keep ya posted.
I had said something about this along time ago when I first joined and went and got my own. Paid $5 at a local place


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I'd be interested in some stickers any updates on this yet
im going back to pittsburgh this weekend and if my buddy is avalible i will have two stickers made for me
ok well i have good news and bad

lol i stopped and talked to my buddy about making me 2 stickers but they were busy very busy to be exact but he is going to make me up about 3 or 4 designs and email them to me than ill go from there
i know me too i hope he can get it done like really soon!! lol i told him if they come out good id have a major order for him and he was like about how many i was like well im number 193 and i want two of them and i know other active members would like some,
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