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Here is a pic of the 1st meeting of my 2001 Dakota and the 56 Dodge C3 pickup I bought, the day I am moving the 56 to storage in my FIL's pole building. The Dak has 203,000 miles on it, 4.7V8/5-spd/RWD, runs good, burns a bit of coolant but no leaks. Wisconsin winters have taken the toll on the body/box, but the frame and the bottom of the cab are still solid. This is the 1st meeting of the 56 to its eventual chassis, going onto the 2001 Dakota to become my eventual vintage daily driver, all vintage up top, modern chassis underneath.
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The 56 is solid as an Arizona truck, not been on the roads in Wisconsin in 25 years. Was heavily undercoated by the original owner back in 56. Its a local truck, only 25 miles south of Green Bay. Its complete, all the trim, all the bodywork (some in the bed), windshield is on the seat, only the DS door glass needs to be replaced. Big dent in the cab roof to push back up, hopefully. It'll stay turquoise with the white roof, but all Dakota underneath, right down to the Dodge factory wheels. But I'll mount the cab/box in a way to give it a good moderate lowered stance, tires tucked under the fenders.
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