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99 Durango 5.9 part out
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I think I've got those same manuals
Reassembling the v8:

You're brave, using tiedowns to hold the engine and trans!?
Engine & Trans ready to install:

I'm definitely jealous of the room you have to work in there.

And definitely homesick, Might get my truck back there next year if I don't reup and go to Afghanistan

It really was a pretty easy swap, other than the engine mounts the I had to build my own transmission mount, blend the harnesses, re-drill the trans output for proper T-case clocking, build the exhuast, then source a radiator, run all the plumbing etc.

Yeah, I don't think he liked seeing a budget 5.9 compete with his hemi. The AF ratio on the Hemi looked good (~12.5-13), and it sounded very heathly...I've got to think the low numbers (mine & his) have to do with the extra drag and rotating mass of the 37" tires, T-case, etc. And maybe an inflated factory HP rating on the hemi? Either way, I love my 5.9.
Give's me alot of hope for my finished product, maybe even break 300rwhp w/ the SCT. BTW, why 20psi for the dino?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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