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4x4 to 2x4 Conversion...Can this be done??? Need some guidance Here

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Hey guys,

I figured i'd throw this out there as I could not really find a thread. If anyone knows of a thread or two or some really good info feel free to let me know.....

So what would it take to convert my 98 Durango from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive and rear disk brakes? I have never used to 4 wheel drive since i've owned the truck and would just like to ditch it.
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R. Remove both CV Shafts- One big nut in the center of each rotor- they come right off with an air gun..

You might have to buy new 2wd spindles and rotors as well, but I don't think you will.
If you remove the big nut the hubs come off also and youwont be able to bolt the tires on the truck.. You cant make a 4x4 into a 2wd like that.
The best thing to do is just remove the front driveshaft.
You cant remove the front axle shafts. If you want a 2wd go sell or trade yours for a 2wd
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