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4x4 to 2x4 Conversion...Can this be done??? Need some guidance Here

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Hey guys,

I figured i'd throw this out there as I could not really find a thread. If anyone knows of a thread or two or some really good info feel free to let me know.....

So what would it take to convert my 98 Durango from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive and rear disk brakes? I have never used to 4 wheel drive since i've owned the truck and would just like to ditch it.
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Transmission is different than 2wd, you can't simply remove the t-case and bolt a different driveshaft in place.

Front axle acts as a frame cross member under the motor so this would have to be addressed.

Not sure if the 2wd front spindles could be used with the 4wd control arms so major front suspension work would probably be needed.

In the long run it would be easier/cheaper to sell/trade and get a 2wd to start with.
I don't think the hub is held in by the CV shaft.
:huh:Not 100% sure on the 4wd Dodge unit hubs but on the 4wd Jeep unit hubs the axle stub ends have to be installed or you will only make it about 10' before the bearings part company with the hub. The hubs are probably the same basic design and will probably suffer the same fate.
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