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I posted yesterday about this thing and got a very helpful answer (you guys rock thank you) now that I know what it is and after some research on the web I had a few questions I needed some help with.
  1. in the photo I took I identified some of the ports? on the actuator. they go as followed:
Green: Vent hole (should be a hose connected to this that pushes air out the front grill i believe).
Red: vacuum hose that engages the actuator into 4wd mode
Black: vacuum hose that pushes the actuator back into 2wd mode.
Blue: i have no flipping idea what that goes too.
Does anyone have an idea what these go to?
2. Ive noticed that the green arrow port is leaking some honey colored liquid. could it possibly be differential fluid through the actuator? I know the best way to find out is to open her up and see but wanted to see if anyone had experience with this.
3. as you can see in the photos the red and black arrow ports are supposed to have a vacuum hose attached to them. I'm pretty sure these have been ripped off or something. would any one have a diagram to show were these are supposed to be connected to in the truck? (The beginning of the connection to the actuator ports) I have the haynes repair manual but for the life of me i can not find any information on the lines in the book.
TLDR; I need help identifying what the blue arrow in the picture was attached too. also why is the green arrow leaking. Blank Cereal Boxes also where does the vacuum hose connect to from the actuator to the truck?
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