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46RE problem

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1992 dakota brakes went out and my son tried to put in park. Now no forward gears only reverse and it seems to be way off on the gear selector. Reverse doesn't engage until the selector is in 1st gear position. I fear the worst amd need a rebuild. Wondering if there may be another possibility.

Thank you in advance
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I would block the wheels so it cant roll. Get under the truck and have someone move the shift linkage and see if maybe the cable is loose or broken before condemning the transmission.
Two things ..

1) NOT a 46RE, but a 46RH, in a 1992.

2) Probably popped the shift linkage, but it's not a cable. There's also some nylon bushings in the linkage that can come apart with age.

I've attached the linkage adjustment instructions and the exploded parts diagram for a 1992 Dakota 46RH transmission.



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