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I was thinking the same thing rt-terror,Before my tranny went kaboom (my fault not the tranny :explode: )I had the same prob i would dial in my shift points with the TV cable.But it would change after a couple runs or when switch from the mopar pcm back to the stocker.Well i read a TSB at work about a common prob with the 46RE/518 tranny.It described the symptoms being what i was having.It said to replace the Gov. solenoid and gov. transducer.I did and reset my shift points with the TV cable adjustment again and no more problems.Also make damn sure your kickdown band (aka:intermediate band) is adjusted properly.That adjustment was wrong on mine caused the band to slip on the direct drum.Wore the band down to metal-to-metal contact.Which overheated the drum causing the clutches to warp.Causing the endplay to be off wearing out the thrust washer on the oil pump.All that trash plugged the filter resulting in no mvemnet at all.On the buissiest street in j-ville during rush hour :dammit: sorry this is long but i have all the parts to build a 6-pinion tranny with a viper converter at 3000 stall :bow: :bow:

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