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Hi, everybody I took my truck in for warrantied repairs on the rear
end from the dodge dealer last week due creaking noise I've been
hearing at low speed while parking(the rear end problems I took it in
for our unrelated to the problems I'm having out of the tranny as far
as I know) besides this I've been having problems out of my
transmission every since the weather broke in march & april, on a few
nice days I really got into it & under WOT it was reving way past 1st
or 2nd gear shift point loosing all foward momentum & hitting the rev
limiter... that was the worst of the problem at the time so they did
a full computer diagnostic on the tranny they said it came back with
nothing wrong so they talked me into allowing them to do a complete
transmission service($220.00 dollars) were they replaced tranny fluid
& bands all the good stuff...I got my truck back friday last week got
on it & not only did it rev all way past the shift point but it kept
on going into 6000 rpms and never hit the rev limiter....... I'm
seriously pissed at this ponit now, one of my regular mechanics tried
to insinuate this might be do to my mopar pcm which at the time I
felt was wrong... so to test his theory since the problem is
considerbly worse now we switched the mopar pcm after trying a
throttle value cable adjustment which the mechanics at the dealership
forgot to do??? before switching off the mopar pcm of we tested it
and 1st shift point under WOT was at 5200 rpm exactly like it suppose
to be but the 2nd shift point was at 4200rpm which is way too early
so assuming it was the chip we switched back to my stock pcm once
again the 1st shift was 4800 rpm(like it should be correct??) and the
2nd shift 4200rpm under WOT now I'm at freaking point, I'm Seriously
Lost What could it be??? those mechanics at the dealership are Freaking
CLUELESS!!!!! If totally rely on those idiots I never get my R/T
running wright again........

Any Comments, Answers, or Solutions would be Highly Appreciated
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