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Need some advice on what to replace ect.
Was thinking of replacing rod bearings, lifters, all seals and gaskets, piston rings, timing chain, and possibly the oil pump. Engine has 280k on it, what prompted me to consider a rebuild is that the engine is burning oil and the real main seal is not sealing anymore and is leaking pretty good, quart every 400 miles or less, also rattle on start up during cold temps. Anything else i should consider? Also do I need to hoan the cylinders?

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Hello Dodgeowner?
Is this your first rebuild?
At 280K, you should expect a full rebuild. What does that mean?

+0.020 Pistons + Rings.
Bore the block for the new pistons.
Grind the crankshaft -0.010 under and new crankshaft main bearings to match.
Grind the connnecting rod journals -0.010 under and new rod big-end bearings to match.
New Connecting Rod small end bushings, and probably new wrist pins.
DEFINITELY new oil pump.
All new core plugs in the block, and heads.

Timing chains.
Timing sprockets.
Timing guides.
probably timing chain tensioners.

New water pump.
New serpentine belt, and idlers.

Check the heads for flatness and resurface as needed.
Full set of new hydraulic valve lifters.
Regrind/Reseat the valves.
New Valve stem seals.

Full set of gaskets and seals.
New plugs.
New injector o-rings.

I cannot remember what else, but there will be surely other things to sort out while you are in there.

Now, if you wanted to freshen it up on the cheap you might be able to get away less.
However, this depends on your ability and experience to properly assess the condition of the parts as you strip it.
(Messuring the bores for roundness, taper, and diameter as one example.)

Polish the crankshaft and new main bearings.
New rod bearings. New rings.
Hone/Scatterball the cylinders.
New oil pump.
Timing chains and guides.
Do the valves.
New gaskets and seals all around.

Good luck with it.
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