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4.7 to 5.9 swap from wrecked durango to new

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Alright so I'm not a complete noob, I have even around Dodge a good part of my life. I'm a Mopar fantaic. I know what I'm doing just trying to find some info out.

I am doing a motor swap on my new Durango which came with the 4.7 (crappy motor) and was blown. I am swapping in my brand new 5.9L motor along with my rebuilt 46RE tranny that doesn't even have 30K on it. I am trying to find out what all I need to do on the swap I have everything I need since I have my old Durango and everything minus the frame and bent front axle are still good. I have pcm, wiring harnesses, etc. I need to know if there is anything special I need to change on the 02 that had the 4.7. Like anything on the inside, or any of the major components. I'm trying to add in some of the thing I had in my 00 Durango which is the SLT or SLT+ (the VIN kept saying different thing each time it was input.). The 02 Durango is an SLT as well but doesn't have some of the same features or opitions as the 00 does. Any help is appreciated!

P.S the comments about how this swap is dumb or not worth it ARE NOT NEEDED! IM DOING THE SWAP ANYWAYS.
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I can program a PCM for you with Skim ready to run or deleted.... That shouldn't be a bad swap if you have both complete vehicles. Just alot of removal and re-install. You'll want the FSM to verify pinout of the main connectors when you connect the 5.9 harness to the 4.7 truck.... I don't recall which connectors have differences, but there are a couple pinout difference that would surprise you.

Was your '02 a JTEC PCM or NGC? Only the late build '02 had NGC computers with 4 plugs. I've never ran into one, but they're out there. All the 5.9s used JTEC.
I probably have a couple computers around, if needed.
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My 02 is a JTEC it only has 3 plugs, it was a realier 02 build. but here's the issue i just ran into, the 5.9 engine wiring harness will not plug into the 4.7 underhood fuse box. 2 different connectors, so im guessing that would be the pin out i need? or do i need to take the fuse box wiring harness out and switch it for the 5.9 fuse box wiring harness? which if that be the case then there is another connector issue including the security box on the drive kick panel. Im trying to inagrate the the 5.9 features like the MPG and Compass that are on the over head console into the bare bones SLT 4.7 body doesnt have. I didnt think i was gonna have wiring issues because i had assumed that all the harness's were the exact same. ( Wiring is not my fortai). and i have 3 computers I have the orignal 5.9 Computer out of my wrecked 00 DDurango, I have a computer that I pulled out of an 01 Durango 5.9 that was in the junkyard, and i also have the 4.7 computer that was the orignal to the 02, all are 3 plug, 2 are 5.9 and 1 is 4.7, which would would i have to have programed Im guessing or re-flashed? or which one should i use?
Best option is to get one of the 5.9 computers programmed for your VIN. We're eithef of those Durangos SKIM?
The 2002 Factory Service Manual has a pinout for each harness. It's been a long time since I work on one of these swaps but you should be able to modify that 5.9 engine harness to plug into the 4.7 truck. Alot of the differences
I can try to get some time to look at those two connector pinouts, if I remember correctly we took the pins out of the 5.9 engine harness connector and put them in the 4.7 engine harness plug and just matched up most things.
I've done more hemi swaps that 5.9 swaps. Lol
I've got 240k on one. I've been waiting for it to crap so I would have reason to swap a hemi without pissing off my wife, bit it just won't die.
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