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my point was that the 4.7 is a small motor. it will never be a low rpm torque monster, and is best suited to high revs. sure the factory cams might put it's peak torque at 3600 rpm, which isn't "high" but its still not a low RPM torquer either.

when Iwas towing with mine, in order to get it to maintain speed going up a long hill, I had it at WOT, in 3rd gear spinning 4500rpm, and that was with 3.92 gears My dad was behind me with a similar load but was towing with a stock GM350, and was puring along at 2500 rpm with the OD off.

again, the 4.7 is a small displacement, low torque motor. trying to build it for torque is not where it's best suited...its best suited as a high RPM motor, in which case, shorty headers are ok.

remember, torque is simply force x distance from pivot point. the longer the stroke in an engine, the longer the pivot point, the more torque it will make. 4.7s are short stroke motors...not best for torque, but short stroke motors make for very fast reving motors, because the piston has less distanct to travel in the same amount of time, and therefor, is less stressful on the internals, and easier to spin faster.

I had a little R/C airplane motor that was like, .049CC? the damn piston was the size of a pencil eraser!:jester: I think that thing RPMd at like 30,000RPM simply because the stroke was so small
With a that being said, what's the best way to squeeze out a little more torque out of the little 4.7 lol? Rear end gears?
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