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4.7 Fuel Rail Interchange

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Hi all, thanks for reading -- quick question. Will a fuel rail from a 2004 Durango 4.7 work on a 2001 Dakota 4.7? I plan on re-using the 2001 injectors in the 2004 rail as they are all fairly new.. (I think I bent the original rail a while back when pulling the old injectors and would like to replace it.)
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I'm pretty certain it will. they didn't change the rail at all dimension wise as far as I can tell. Maybe past 2008 because of the new intake design but I'm not sure on that. I know they made the injectors shorter after 2008 but being as your using 2 from before then you'll be fine.
Thanks for the reply I was hoping for!! - they sure look the same in the pictures so I wasn't sure why they are grouped 99-00, 01-02, and 03-04.
hmmm. strange. the one off my 2007 engine bolted right on and ran the 2002 engine I put it on.
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