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4.7 engine build!

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Hey guys I just got done working for nearly the full summer and have a pocket full of cash lol. I just bought some 206 duration 502 lift off of ebay that I MADE DEAD SURTAIN are straight and measured them with the micrometer and did the conversion with the rocker arm ration and they cam out to be 502 intake and like 468 exhaust?...I got to buy some lash caps but that's alright because im just lucky I found them lol...the 08 intake manifold is sitting in my garage and im waiting for the adaptor from airram which should be here the 25th (that guy is super cool!)...im going defiantly buy more stuff from airram probably today im going to buy a set of Gibson shorty headers and a F&B 70 mm throttle body...anything im forgetting that should help me out on my budget build? im thinking im going to get it tuned on the dyno this winter...my big question is, is how hard is it to swap heads? I was looking into the economy prepped heads on airram. if you guys are interested in the beginning of the build up check it out on youtube just type in 08 intake manifold swap dodge 4.7 thanks guys and let me know what you think!
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Sounds like you are well on your way!
If going to run the nitrous make sure you have a good tuner (recommend FlyinRyan), correct plugs, at least 93 octane and a clean install of the N2O system with good tested fuel system. Ran 13.14 @ 102.99 with 75 shot on mine. Keep up the good work.
What did you run on motor?
That's the same stall I have in mine
I like it, got it from Martin Saine
I see and is it pretty reasonable priced?! another question I have for anyone that's ever used the f&b 70mm throttle body is, is what the heck is wrong!? ive been trying to get this darn thing to work right for the past month I adjust the tps and itll surge, then I try adjusting it the other way and it idles really high!...ive tried re setting the pcm several times but one thing that stays constant is that it sometimes doesn't idle back down when coming up to a stop light please help guys I had to throw back on the stocker because I got so pissed with this 385 doller paper weight
How does it run with the stock tb? Possibly an issue with the tps sensor. I've changed about 4-5 of those so far. Mopar sensors seem to work the best
How safe would you say the 75 and 100 shot was before the forged rods and pistons?...i talked with Nick at Airram and i was told with all forged internals and main girdle studs and head studs, a guy could run a 200 shot on the 4.7 all day long...but since this is my daily driver how safe would you say the 75 shot and 100 shot are?
I never went with anything larger than 75 on my old motor. With my new ho motor I'll probably at least try a 100 shot
Oh you swap your motor when did you do that is it a stock ho or did you do some work to it
My original 4.7 broke a rod, tore up 2 cylinders, cracked the girdle. Bought a ho short block had the heads ported, tighter valve springs and reused all the bolt on's. Mine should have 325+ hp to the wheels
Damnnn that's crazyyy!..sorry to hear that! how many hits did you have on it? and where did you pick up the short block at?
Had 1492 passes. The shop that built my new one found a ho short block
Oh, I see! are you planning on hitting it with 125 shot?...I have now decided to wait and even though my motor only has 73,000 miles on it...im going to just rebuild it .20 over and go with the forged rods and pistons with 11.1 compression and have the cams reground to some 218s to make it really lope... then hit it with 175 shot of nitrous...who regrinds cams these days and whats a good pricing? and plan on mid 12s
Probably won't do a 125. It's bracket raced so it's deadly consistent so the nitrous rarely gets used.
oh I see!...so you just have the nitrous on there incase you mess up on the light?
Pretty much yeah, I won the kit for $25 in raffle tickets at the 07 DRTC national meet. It was originally on my 02 r/t that I sold a few years ago, then moved it over to my 4.7
im really excited for my deal...hope to be in the 11s somewhere
It would take a lot to get in the 11's
oops lol...but is that considered a big shot?:biggrin: thoughts from anyone!?...is 11s for that combo to much to ask for?
150-200 is a large amount to spray on a motor forged internals or not. Boring out a motor will make the block a little weaker
I might just go like 20 over or something, im hoping to be in the 11s...would you say that's do able? im thinking as long as it has good fuel and and good tune...there Is no reason I couldn't run a 150-200 shot as long as im not getting silly with the thing
You probably would be spraying the biggest shot on a 4.7
I've never heard of a 4.7 Dakota in the 11's. The quickest 4.7 is Duner's turbo i think club cab. I've been told that mine is the fastest n/a 4.7 dakota
Try to find a ho crank. It's forged. That's what's in mine
I had a 2nd HO long block that I could have taken, but no one was interested, so I passed on it
Can't find any without doing regrinds. I would if some are available.
If I do find/get some, my 206's would be for sale
I was the same way with the 206s...I have a custom tunner just havnt gotten started with it yet...I think Im going to send this one back to ryan and get my money back so I can get a tune from hemifever, Ive been trying to talk with ryan for some time now and he has been very rude and hasn't been returning calls at all...kinda disappointing after you wait 4 months for someone to finally deliver and they dont...but ill send it back tomorrow and probably buy my pistons...still trying to decide what compression I should run with my 150-200 shot...I wonder what kinda difference I would see going from 206s to 212s...I assume not much
SCT has had a big software issue the last several months that Ryan has been dealing with. It's not on his end, it's SCT, so even if you would get your money back from him and go with Hemifever he won't be able to do anything either right now. Ryan is who tunes mine and I couldn't be happier
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