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4.7 engine build!

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Hey guys I just got done working for nearly the full summer and have a pocket full of cash lol. I just bought some 206 duration 502 lift off of ebay that I MADE DEAD SURTAIN are straight and measured them with the micrometer and did the conversion with the rocker arm ration and they cam out to be 502 intake and like 468 exhaust?...I got to buy some lash caps but that's alright because im just lucky I found them lol...the 08 intake manifold is sitting in my garage and im waiting for the adaptor from airram which should be here the 25th (that guy is super cool!)...im going defiantly buy more stuff from airram probably today im going to buy a set of Gibson shorty headers and a F&B 70 mm throttle body...anything im forgetting that should help me out on my budget build? im thinking im going to get it tuned on the dyno this winter...my big question is, is how hard is it to swap heads? I was looking into the economy prepped heads on airram. if you guys are interested in the beginning of the build up check it out on youtube just type in 08 intake manifold swap dodge 4.7 thanks guys and let me know what you think!
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Has anyone ran the economy prepped or race prepped heads for the 4.7?...and if so how do they perform?
I have a set of Knowlton P&P heads sitting In a box when I get my new motor in the next month or so I can let you know on them.
With his there all done the same unless you get big valves so it is in the ball park of Nick race preps I got them from red ram he had a spare set of heads and sent them in think it took a month or so but he end up selling his truck before he ever put them on so I bought them off of him with a set of beehive springs
I was running only ran it a few times but did 55, 75,100. After I get forged positions and rods it will be 100.
I feel from my limited experience on my truck 75 was OK my truck didn't seem to like the 100 very much but I had some phantom issue going on around the same time so I never really use the hundred shot but like maybe three times. But mine is zex kit and I added a windows switch( which was a major pain in the ass) along with a fuel pressure switch.

The bottom end of the 4.7 is pretty stout The motor could possibly take a 200 but of course it comes down to cost you looking at $3500ish in parts that's if you can find the crank even though the stock crank isn't bad..... That's the thing about the 4.7 they are kind of expensive to build for what you really end up with but I still it's fun doing it.
Oh you swap your motor when did you do that is it a stock ho or did you do some work to it
Oh yeah and I have to say the 4.7 with the auto sucks the first performance of mod with the auto should be to the switch transmission. My Old roommate had a quad cab 4.7 with the auto and if I had had his truck I would've sold it.
Mine hydro locked brook at least 3 rods I'll be rebuilding mine soon
And 125 with stock rods not a good combo the stock rod are weak
yeah thats what my plan is looking like too
yeah think my truck will be to heavy for 11 the rams are heavy as hell not to mention i'm fat myself 295lbs :serious::beer::forehead:
^^^^ yeah that and with either nitrous or fi. I very much doubt if it could be done n/a on the 4.7
I think it wont be hard if I can get it to hook...bored 20 over...11:1 pistons coat them myself, forged rods and pistons, crank should be fine because nick at airram said he has never even heard of a broken one...but add the ati super damper in there for some insurance...hand port the heads, arp head studs, arp main studs, arp secondary studs, mls head gaskets, with this combo I could spray up to a 200 shot, ill probably play it safe with a 150 and have multiple stages, 50 out of the hole, another 50 at 3,000, and another 50 at 4,500 or so?...or a 50 out of the hole, another 100 once I hit 30 miles an hour or so...nitrous express maximize 4 will be my friend hopefully lol:smile:
Well what you're saying is exactly what we were talking about. That's a lot that would be a fully built motor running a big shoot :wink:
Yeah not many at all most fall off before they get there
i have a zex kit so i have it set with my window switch to kick in at 2700 so its almost with the 75 feels like it should it's not a kick in the pants it just goes. I can't wait till I can get my forged bottom end so i can see what the 100-125 feels like.
I might just go like 20 over or something, im hoping to be in the 11s...would you say that's do able?
i didnt ans. this but no I dont think 11s are very likely but who knows no one's really done that large of a shot at least not that ive seen and ive been around here since 06 or 07 when this sight was and 4.7 were really on fire.
what most dont understand is it is very expensive to build the 4.7 building one is can be more expensive then building a race motor in a lot of other cars. So ive always built mine for me and not to the a drag truck because i know there will aways be someone who is faster however I do plan on having one of the fast 4.7's out there and when I get the motor together I should be close.

I have had this truck almost going on 12 yrs and dont plan on ever getting rid of it so ive never cared about dumping money into it so as things have broke though the years i just upgrade. I really started modding it about 5-6 years ago, and this year should be close to the last major mod being that I snapped at least 3 rods im upgrading to forged so once the bottom end is in the motor should be close to bullet proof with no more concerns on crappy pistons and rods
Thinking about them but looking around for others but staying with stock crank
man they are hard to find
I've always planned on 212x ever since I got my HOs when I got them didn't want to have to get custom tune and SCT was just coming out then so I'm going to Regrind these
I'm running SCT now with Ryan so far it's been ok I got the can at 1st and I had just up graded to the fi tune package before my truck went down
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