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Here are acouple i have-
18" MB Predators wrapped with Falken Ziex's 255/55/18
Stock Height
Next to the TA:


One more:

The Wheels:

I hope this helps! PM me if you have any questions let me know. Good luck on the search for the wheels. I would recommend getting some 18's personally They are cheaper on tires and they dont rub or anything.

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These are 20" wheels that I picked up for $300-$400 (before shipping) on eBay. I can give you a link to the seller's eBay page, he has a lot of 18" wheels and 20" wheels in the same price range as mine.

Stock height as well.

Sorry about the big pictures.

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If you are planning on an off road tire, get 18s. If you are going for a 'street tread' get 20s.

I was pricing out off road treads (BFG ATKO) for 20s. Wowza. $330 a tire for a 32.

I love my 20s' (It's a Ram, so there is no reason to post pics) and for street tires, you might compair, since 20's are SO common anymore, alot of times the tires are the same if not cheaper (Street tread)
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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