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340 +6 Install

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...few people here might remember me and my journey to install a 340 in a 98 Dakota. Well, I am done Finally!!

Quick Little Overview of the Project:

2012- First install attempt failed, got the 340 mounted and installed only to find out the engine builder installed the wrong size main bearings.

2013- After taking it to SarahDon Performance in Hugo MN, someone who actually knows LA engines, had them redo the whole build. Got that back, installed, success!!

At this point you're probably thinking "That looks like a Magnum 5.2 / 5.9"... that's because we used the magnum heads and intake. And since all of the accessories bolted to the heads and intake, we used the stock accessories. Problem was, it looked like a dressed up 5.2 / 5.9 instead of the 1972 340 block I wanted in there. So, we installed this last week:

So, there it is, a 1972 340 with a 6 Pack, installed in a 98, running with a SCT Flashed PCM and the stock wire harness! :D
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nice man
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