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3.9l to 5.2l swap in a Dakota

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Okay so I just bought a 99 dodge Dakota with a 3.9 and a 5 speed. I also just bought a 5.2l out of a 97 jeep(automatic btw). I know everything to do about the swap except for which flywheel I’m going to need to use and same for the clutch itself. can I run the flywheel and clutch from the 3.9 or will I have to get the flywheel for the 5.2 and run a 12 inch clutch vs the 10.5 inch.
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You'll need a 5.2 flywheel.

You'll need a pressure plate and clutch that both match the 5.2 flywheel, AND has the proper spline count for your transmission.

No, I don't know the part numbers offhand.

You will ALSO either need a 5.2 5 speed ECU, or someone to tune out the automatic transmission controls in the ECU.

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