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3.9-5.2 powertrain swap

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I wrecked my truck this past week and found a donor for cheap. The one I wrecked was a 1997 5.2l auto/4x4, and the donor is a 1999 3.9l auto 4x4...I have everything pulled out of the original already and was wondering if anyone has done this before? I know the mounts are the same and I have all the wiring and then ecm. From my understanding everything should be essentially plug and play I was just wanting to know of any problems or things that I might run into during the swap. I was also wondering if it was possible to swap the dash as the one in the donor truck has been gutted and torn apart. Has anyone done this either? All the connections should be the same and the ecm and dash would be coming from the same truck as well as the rest of the powertrain (engine,trans,t case) so there shouldn't be any comparability issues either...right?
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As long as you remember to either swap the engine bay harness, or add the extra two injector wires, should be fine.

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