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Hello all, has anyone thought of doing a leaf spring swap in a durango with 2wd ford f150 springs? The f150 springs short side is about 2 inches longer at 26" instead of the 24" on the stock springs. The long side is the same at 32". The f150 springs also have about 1" more arch than stock durango springs. I can always re-pin the f150 packs to make them the same. I am also running a 2.5" lift kit front and rear on my 2000 durango 4.7l. I am considering this swap because i dont like my shackle angle from the lift kit. It's just about 90° from the ground. It rides nice because the springs are oem, and have 308k on them and are worn out. Another reason for a spring swap is because my leafs dont have the plastic bushings between them anymore. They have been completely used up. So there shouldnt be anymore lift being added, just more angle to the shackle to allow a better ride, and a little more articulation. More drop articulation than upwards hopefully. Any info or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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