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2020 Durango GT Plus AWD 2 inch lift recommendations

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What kit or company to use? To avoid? Options seem few. Some products that promise what I want have reviews that are alarming. Company product disclaimers are discouraging. As a newb on this site, multiple searches produced no specific endorsements for my year or model Durango. I am not a hardcore off-roader. I get on some long, rough unpaved, and unplowed driveways in severe winter weather. I mainly want a little extra clearance for the deep snow we sometimes get because my job includes transporting people to dialysis and I must (!) get to work regardless of the weather. I Do Not want to void the warranty or drastically degrade on-road handling characteristics. Thanks so much for your help.
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Well, I hate to say this, but there are not a lot of options for lift kits for this generation Durango because the aftermarket hates the Durango in some cases and this model was never meant to go on more than gravel or dirt roads that are not rutted. You won't get much clearance from two inches due to the front bumper and air dam design.
What you may be forced to do is get the new three row Grand Cherokee. It has the same 5.7 HEMI option if you want that for the 2022 model year but not sure on the 2023's and has better ground clearance than the Durango.
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