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I bought a 2011 Dakota that I absolutely love. It’s the perfect size, run great, the list continues.

The trouble I have is both downstream O2 sensors are showing slow response. I’ve had the exhaust system checked ( no issues found), replaced the pcm and am about check out the fuel injectors. The dealers mechanic replaced bank 1 sensor 2 four times and finally said I had a bad wire. I was told he ran a new wire but the shop that checked the exhaust told me there was a wire grounded to the transmission bell housing. The truck got through emmissions testing and then the issue came back but included bank 2 sensor 2 with bank 1 sensor 2.

I’d like to rerun the wire but can’t for the life of find a diagram or pin out. Side note the P0139 and P0159 seem to follow O2 sensor test $81 which I think has to do with the sensor switching from rich to lean? The codes will sometimes clear it I use fuel injector cleaner.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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