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Hey guys, I've been a reader for two years but haven't needed to create a thread until now.
I technically don't need ti make it I guess but damn I hate that dodge/ram didn't continue with this trucks production.

I have a 2009 4.7 Dakota SXT. My manifolds were due for replacement so I battled with those and got new OEM ones on. Alot less leaking for a short bit

From there, everything was down hill. The cats were old and due, the mid pipe had a couple holes and the Muffler did as well. The previous owner may have welded in pieces here and there but it was beyond saving.

I purchased a y pipe online (then again at napa with the same description, got the exact same part sp returned one). I bought the mid pipe amd muffler at car quest and kept the tail pipe.

My y pipe did not fit and the diameter is smaller. I assume this changed in 08 with the addition of flex fuel, however I couldn't find a y pipe for my exact truck easily. I found one on partsavatar.com for 1200$ so temporally my flanges have been cut off and replaced with the old ones to fit, an inch was added on either side to clear the length down and almost an inch was added to the width of the y pipe.

I didnt do this work because I was busy and now my y pipe is touching a trans cooling line and the cab floor at the heat shield fabric stuff. My tailpipe is also resting on the diff towards the front of the truck not the back side of it.

i am going to go under the truck tomorrow and raise the tailpipe end up with the exhaust hanger on it (adjustable) and hopefully there isn't to much tension on the metal back to the Y pipe.

But long story short my problem lies there. Wtf can I do to this truck to get it back to good proper shape. I cant even find a cat delete that fits it because they all list the entire generation not specifically the flex fuel sxt 08+ models with the larger piping and larger flanges and slightly different geometry.
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