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2009 dodge durango keeps cranking wont start

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i have a 2009 dodge durango that keep cranking and wont start ! i have changed the crank ,cam censer and the ignition switch under dash !have 65lb fuel pressure and no spark on my spark plug tester! need help am lost on this one!!!!!
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I would trace down the no-spark issue. That is likely your problem. I don’t know what motor you have, so its hard to recommend a more specific direction to go in though. Its clearly electrical. So check fuses & relays. Good luck...
thanks but i checked all fuses and changed relays and still nothing ! it has a 4.7 sorry do u think it might be the pcm? and it wont stop cranking untill u turn the key off ! it cranks untill the batt is dead on its own like the starter is sticking
4.7L’s have coil-over-plug setup. When you tested spark, did you test all of the coils or only one? Test each one. One may be bad, but the others may be good. After you’ve tested each coil for spark, you can start walking the problem back from there (e.g. making sure the coil is getting good power & ground etc). Don’t jump to the PCM without ruling out all the other possibilities (like a broken wire).

Good luck...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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