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Hey group,

Just getting a new (to me) 08 TRX4. First thing I want to do (aside from a headlight upgrade) is to add in a touchscreen. Head unit and backup camera and sensors. I see this can be easily done now with aftermarket parts.

Is there a reason why I might go with the factory unit over aftermarket? Is any of the factory wiring for camera/backup sensors already there or will it all have to be ran new anyhow?

Thanks all,


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I'm late to the answer on this one. But, there is no wiring for a back-up camera or back-up sensors in any of the Dakotas. They never had these features in any of the trims.

There are two primary advantages of using an OEM touchscreen over an aftermarket one. 1) Built-in satellite radio receiver and 2) guaranty that it fits. It's supposed to be a double-din, but there are several accounts of folks having to modify the dash to get aftermarket radios to fit.

Aftermarket touchscreens are often cheaper and have more features or better GPS systems.

I replaced my 230 with the OEM MyGIG 730N RHR. Here's the write-up if helps you decide.

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