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I am new to this forum well just forums in general. Making my start to the car community. Anyway to the point of this.
I bought a 08 1500 with a 4.7l engine. I'm looking to do a full build to this truck. Starting with the engine. I just did a full rebuild on it (had knock) but everything is stock again. (Pistons connecting rods cams crank) all my clearances are good to go so now time to give her a little more power. I know these aren't awesome engines with boost but from what im seeing 3-4 psi should be good right? I'm just curious what you guys think this engine could handle.
So far my list of to dos is get a 70 mm throttle body, going to install a 3 inch exhaust to a flowmaster super 44. Superchips tuner (not sure which one any advice on this is appreciated) potentially injectors if need be. I would like a supercharger to rid the low end low hp but i can't find anything for this year just the 07 and earlier. Any other advice on some reliable power for this engine would be great. Not looking for a 500hp build i would've hemi swapped it for that. Just want a little more, i know its a truck so I'm going for more of a baja style build so i don't want to put more than 6k in engine upgrades.
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