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2007 Dakota Quad cab 4x4, multi issues need some sugestions please

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I have owned this low millage ( about 80K) Dodge Dakota 4.7 for about a year and a-half, most of the time it seems a good and reliable truck but some strange recurring and intermittent issues. First some history, initially showed up as drive-ability issue that happened twice about 4 or 5 weeks apart about 10 months ago. Both times with about a 1/2 tank of gas. After idling for several minuets it would stumble, have no poor and seem to be choking out and not able to make head way more than to get out traffic. Once after limping to gas station and filling up all was good again. Anther time simply waiting 15-20 mins all was OK. No CEL or code until later. First Though fuel pump issue since the code that eventually showed up was something about lean mixture ( don't recall the code exactly ) had the Truck checked out full expecting needing to put in a new fuel pump but they said it was fine and could not find any other issue that might need attention. All was fine for several more months, but when getting an air inspection was told the gas tank cap was bad so replaced. ( again no CEL and no issues) including letting the tank get to or below 1/4 several times...
Fast forward several months ( and after a move to another state) with no issues...
Have now had a couple of times the CEL was on, first though fuel cap and after the next fill up CEL out and all was OK again for a few weeks. Now CEL on again - no codes? tried to check the codes twice on different days - nothing shows up. No recurrence of the drive-ability issue like before but have noticed that sometimes it seems to idle a little rough on start-up and of late the mileage is down from normal ( which has never been that good but better that the current 9 or 10 MPG) Also twice, once a couple of months back (no CEL) and again recently ( with CEL on ) it would surge on idle after start up and be idling rather high (over 1200RPM) have been keeping the top half of the tank full most of the time but this has now happened again with about ( just over) 1/2 tank.
Like this truck but begining to like it less.
Any help would be appreciated, in the mean time I am going to try and look for the obvious stuff like a vac hose off ERG valve etc, and some other things I was able to find here in the forms.
Thanks in advance!
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Found nothing in the way of bad or loose vacuum connections etc, - just checking under the hood but from reading more on other threads here I have to yet check the lines that run back to the charcoal canister under the cab(?) It was getting a little cold out. I have not checked or pulled any plugs but as since this is intermitent and happens less often than more wouldn't bad plugs cause issues most of the time(?) but since it is probably due, I may just replace them anyway.
What would you think tho about the engine light being on and no codes? I am going to see if autozone can find any codes with a scanner tomorrow.
Thanks. I hope to try and do that today. Supposed to be warmer here in western PA. Good thing tho is it seems to run and drive just fine, so far...
OK so near by Advanced Auto pulled up a p0420 code, Cat converter efficiency/bank 1? I am still going to check all the other items as well as check the O2 sensors connectors etc since it so intermitent. Of course I don't know any history of recent previous codes etc, but after than my next step will be to replace the O2 sensor(s)
Guy at Advanced suggested I replace just the down stream sensor to start with... (?) but since the code says bank 1 I though just the left down pipe up stream sensor(?) or just all of them since if one is bad the others can't be far behind....
Hoping its not the Cat with only 84K miles
Let me know what you might think - I did fill the tank and will be checking everything else this afternoon. Still no codes show up with the key dance - just ------ for about 10 seconds then the Done prompt pops up.
I ve ordered a scanner so I can maybe see more than the one code. Did a large bottle of Techtron and for now just going to see what happens over next few days until the scanner shows up. after this first started and not able to find anything wrong I ran a can of BG44 through it, and now is the first time have had any issues since then ( except the one I was pretty sure the gas cap was loose..) the EGR valve looks like a royal PIA to get access to... so just waiting for now.
Regardless am going to put in a set of new plugs maybe over next weekend.
OK. so I got the scanner and just had it on the truck for a short trip today. CEL is still on, no codes still from doing the key dance, and the only code I get on the scanner is the p0420. No issues, symptoms etc have been experienced since the previous posts only the very slightly noticeable less than smooth idle (cant even call it rough) still getting very poor gas millage. looking at the O2 voltages- all four seem within normal range ( 0.050 to 0.800 volts) mostly around 600-800 mili volts however occasionally see one O2 sensor or another goes low (less that 100mv) any one of the four not any particular one and it is only for a short time (normal?) Will take the truck on a bit longer highway tripTry and record a good length of data on the return Monday and see what the scanner shows then.
Unless that revels something more or different - I've located the plugs and am going try replacing those first seems easy and it's probably due anyway; another fresh full tank of gas; clear the codes and see what shows up. not sure just when, grand-daughter is on Spring Break next week and will be spending some time with her. (first things first!)
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Well I finally found the time while the weather was decent and got a fresh set of plugs installed today. Took a short drive then cleared the codes and will wait to see what happens. Seemed the idle was a bit smoother but hard to say for sure since it was only a little rough from time to time and had not noticed it much of late. A few trips should tell the story, or at least the next chapter.
thanks THANKS thanks!
Checked the codes and nothing is coming up! no pending codes. No issues. No money wasted on O2 sensors etc.
The fresh set of plugs seems to have done the trick. A slight improvement in Gas mileage also, and no more of the random long high idle or seeming to idle a bit rough. Now need to get it in for the PA emissions and safety inspections and then get some PA plates! Thanks to FaceDeAce and the suggestion of new plugs, I just would have never gone there first.
I'll end with...
>>>>> "Go Pirates" <<<<<<
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