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2005 dodge dakota

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I have a 2005 dodge dakota 4.7, I keep replacing o2 sensors (all 4 are replaced each time) and the code reader always comes back as still failing, i have had 5 sets put in over the last couple months and the truck maybe had 200 miles put on in over that time. Not sure if it matters but I have replaced several power steering parts in last couple months and the converters have been drilled out.
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The power steering was a pump and rack and pinions. I don't use the truck a lot mostly just to haul still or over winter. About 2 years ago the converters where clogged so I had them drilled out and the o2 sensors then worked. I was told that it could be a bad PCM and I'm hoping to look over the wiring for any issues. Not sure if there was something tho I was missing.
The resovre on the pump was crack and was at the rack and pinions. Once they where fixed the leaks stopped. I don't drive the truck a lot so and it wasn't used a lot from the guy I got it from so I know some small stuff does come. The rack was leaking when I bought it, I just kinda pushed it off
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