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2005 dodge dakota

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I have a 2005 dodge dakota 4.7, I keep replacing o2 sensors (all 4 are replaced each time) and the code reader always comes back as still failing, i have had 5 sets put in over the last couple months and the truck maybe had 200 miles put on in over that time. Not sure if it matters but I have replaced several power steering parts in last couple months and the converters have been drilled out.
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Why are you throwing parts at an issue without looking at the full picture? O2 failures are the result of wiring issues or a bad cat.
What is the problem with the power steering system? Is it leaking a lot? Lack of information on what is going on doesn't help us help you.
The cats getting plugged up is why you had issues, but drilling them out is not going to solve your issues, because the PCM is wanting to see the oxygen content pre and post cat, and that is why the code reader says that the O2 system is saying emissions failure due to the cats getting drilled out.
You didn't answer why you threw parts at the power steering system. What was going on the system to necessitate replacing parts?
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