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This is my first Dodge. Just bought it late November 2020. The truck was a one owner(I’m the second owner) no accidents truck the body looks brand new so does the interior. The truck is only getting me about 10.7mpg in the city and 15.7mpg on the highway. It has 84,400 miles on it. But my main concern is when I’m driving and am accelerating when I reach about 40mph the truck has no power. I literally have to push the gas pedal way down to get it going faster. It has no power roughly from 40mph to 60mph. I replaced the throttle position sensor, left and right oxygen sensors(down stream), map sensor, air filter, changed the oil, oil filter, thermostat, new antifreeze/coolant, new spark plugs, and ive been using mid grade gas. Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix it. Also there is no check engine light. I bought an OBDII scan tool and it’s not giving me any trouble codes. I was told by someone that had an expensive Snap On tool that one side of the engine was running lean. Please help?
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