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2004 Shorty 5.7 Swap

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Well, First of all, great forum! I have got more out of these threads in the last half hour that all my crazy Google searches the past 6 months. Good info guys.:wink:

So I'm on my second Hemi swap, the last one was a first gen and turned out sweet, but after almost sliding her through a county fence, I decided to sell her while we were both still alive. So it's been almost ten years and I miss the little truck, sooo here we go again:stirthepo

Here's what I have so far:

'03 5.7 ram motor with a new bottom end and a valve job up top
'04 Shortbox with a 3.7 and a NV3500 (going manual this time)

So now here is the question of the day. I read on another thread an A/T NGC can be flashed to run the stick. I just wanted to verify this before I continue to scour the web for a R2500 M/T NGC. Does anyone out there have first hand experience with this and who flashed it?

Thanks again for the site!
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Before you go that route, I'm certain that HP tuners has the ability to flash the Auto PCMs. You need to grab an 05 Ram PCM, and it should work with all of the JTEC wiring. I'm in the process of gathering the remainder of my parts for my Hemi Swap into my 02 Quad Cab. I'm also going 5spd as well. Try researching modernmuscle.biz. Dave is the owner of the site and has performed many Gen III Hemi swaps into older muscle cars, and trucks as well. There are lots of good sites on the modern hemi, that should be able to help you out. Hit me up in a PM if you need more info. Also there are very knowledgeable members of this forum as well.
Wow, it's been a while since I've checked this forum.... Thanks for posting up the results you were able to accomplish.... I've considered doing a 5.7 hemi swap into my 02 QC dak that I did a manual swap on.... I may venture down this road next year.... If you don't mind, pm me what all you went through for the wiring aspect of this build. By this I mean the engine wiring harness.... I've got a 05 Hemi PCM, and 04 4.7 engine wiring harness that I can use to make this swap happen. I've also got several 3.9 wiring harness as well. Decisions decisions.
I figured as much..... I've been gathering parts, and resources for the last 2 years to complete this swap. So far I have an 05 Ram PCM, HPTuners & MS3 (Have to figure out which one to run), 2 01-03 3.9 engine harnesses, 1 04 4.7 engine harness, a 04 hemi out of a Durango, 6.1 crank, and cam, several sets of heads, intakes, and tb's. Also have factory manifolds for the hemi truck. My biggest concern for this is the down time it will take to get the wiring completed for this swap. The rest seems fairly straight forward.
Nice decision, where'd you get the adaptor piece for the end of the tranny housing? I've got a TR6060 in my 13 Challenger, and I used a DSS unit to make it handle the torque much better. The piece that you have shown in the picture looks really nice. Lastly, is the shift tower you're using after market? Having switched my shifter in my challenger, I don't recall it looking like that.
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