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2004 Shorty 5.7 Swap

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Well, First of all, great forum! I have got more out of these threads in the last half hour that all my crazy Google searches the past 6 months. Good info guys.:wink:

So I'm on my second Hemi swap, the last one was a first gen and turned out sweet, but after almost sliding her through a county fence, I decided to sell her while we were both still alive. So it's been almost ten years and I miss the little truck, sooo here we go again:stirthepo

Here's what I have so far:

'03 5.7 ram motor with a new bottom end and a valve job up top
'04 Shortbox with a 3.7 and a NV3500 (going manual this time)

So now here is the question of the day. I read on another thread an A/T NGC can be flashed to run the stick. I just wanted to verify this before I continue to scour the web for a R2500 M/T NGC. Does anyone out there have first hand experience with this and who flashed it?

Thanks again for the site!
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The only other grey spot in this thing is I want to put a R2500 clutch and flywheel in place of the 3.7/4.7 unit but info is sketchy there as well. Everyone runs the 545 with the swaps so the stick stuff is tough to find straight answers on.
Here's 2 threads that might help you out between the 2. They are not exactly what you are doing but still might give you what you are looking for:


Good luck with the build!!
I would be interested in what you come up with for exhaust from heads down.
Thanks for the links, lots of good info. Your truck turned out nice! I'm guessing the hemi flywheel you used was from a car 5.7? I'd love a tremec, maybe after I fry the 3500 I'll go that route. I've read truck manifolds fit so I'll start with those then I've got a bender so I'll be runnin my own pipes with something Magnaflow out back. Haven't looked under there for clearance yet.
Here's some pics of the 93 I did.
I am not sure if there is a difference between car and truck 5.7 flywheels but pretty sure mine is for car version if they are different. Here is the info on the one I am running:
FWCH-10013, SCIENCE FRICTION Billet Steel Flywheel, SFI Quality,
130t/10.5" for 5.7/6.1 Hemi, 8-bolt (weighed 26lbs).
I got it from American Power Train. I had MAJOR problems with their (Science Friction) PP. Ended up going with Center Force Dual Friction clutch/PP. Have many runs at track with slicks and 4k+ dumps with 0 clutch/flywheel problems.
Thanks for the kind words about the truck. It is a blast to drive :)
Nice job on the hemi transplant. Looks like you did a really good job!!
Now...just get then new one done ;-)
Keep us posted.
If you decide to go with trans let me know, could save you between $1-2k and a lot of headeaches. I would have bought the trans outright and then sourced the parts myself. Both the flywheel and bellhousing I used on mine was "for" a 5.7. If I remember correctly the bell for 5.7 had starter on passenger side. Since 4.7 starter is on Driver side and I didn't feel like swapping all of the wiring around I ordered the 5.7 bell with starter on Driver side.
Which ever way you go you will have a blast when done!
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