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For the first time ever, tonight, I found an electronic gremlin in my 2004 Durango 5.7L. 225k miles. First tip was a CEL/MIL upon start. I negligently continued to my destination.

I was driving a steady speed and my instrument cluster backlight flickered, showed almost as many dummy lights as a bulb check, my nav radio restarted (displaying Dodge logo), and my temperature on the overhead computer momentarily displayed -40 F. This flickered and was back to normal almost in an instant, and did so perhaps 3-4 times in 10 minutes of driving.

The only residual was the persistent MIL and the red airbag malfunction light would stay lit for about a minute, then go back off. However, my headlights stayed lit steadily during these events and my throttle input / RPM were not impacted. Upon returning home, I cycled the ignition key 3 times and the odometer produced the code U 110 C.

Any thoughts?

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