I have a variety of pieces off of a 2004 dakota quad cab I bought. I was thinking about repairing it but found significant frame damage and a cracked steering rack . I've sold the cab/doors, hood/grille, and front bumper already but still have

front fenders (I have both. The left is off a 98 I had purchased when I was thinking about repairing it)
fan shroud
air cleaner box
intake rezonater
fan with clutch
a complete bed (tailgate and tail lights) with minor repairable damage to the right rear (just a little ding) turned into a trailer I thought I might use but I don't
rear bumper (minor non repairable ding as well but its in serviceable condition)
trailer hitch (no mounting hardware)
transfer case (not sure of the model number it is the AWD)

might have more. I'll have to look and add them later

I do also have the 4.7l engine, and 545RFE transmission, although I'm not really looking to sell these items right now, but make me an offer. If I like it I might sell them.

I'll take pictures and upload them when I get a chance. (might be a bit as its not a high priority right now)

Anyway just a bunch of extras I have laying about figured I'd post it and see if anyone wants something. (and clean up the driveway a bit)