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I really dont know anything about the 4.7 but here is a general shot in the dark... Look at the radiator and find the hose that goes top the top portion of the radiator. Once you have found the hose follow it back to where it goes to the motor probably to the intake manifold. Now that is probably where the thermostat is. So you gotta drain some coolant out of the system (enough so its below the level of the thermostat). Now you take off the hose the connects to the intake manifold and unbolt the thermostat housing that holds the hose in place. Now you can just pop out the old thermostat. Clean up the aera real well and dry it where the thromostat was and now get out the new stuff (thermostat, gasket, and rtv sealer). Put the rtv sealer on both sides of the gasket. Now place the gasket underneath the thermostat and then place the thermostat/gasket to where the old one was. Bolt the thermostat housing back over it all and give the rtv sealer some time to set for about 30 min. Put the hose back on and fill the coolant back up and you are done. Everything I included is for a basic job so your locations and what not may be different. Its very simple to do and im sure any auto parts store has a 180* thermostat for you.
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