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2003 durango 4x4

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Hey guys i got my rango about two months ago.I started by taking off the running boards not a big fan lol. then this past weekend my bother-in-law and i did a T/S lift Made a big difference.Then today i just put on a set of 265-75r16 Kelly safari tsr.
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Looking good man, what are your next plans??
damn good lookin rango
Looks good!
Thanks a lot guys i am in love with this truck lol i know it has some cosmetic flaws but it is such a nice truck to drive,especially compared to my Colorado.As of right now next on my list is to go through and get it all back into shape.It was my companies work truck so the interior needs to get cleaned and freshened up a bit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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