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I just got this put on last night with help from Rebel sending me his old write-up.

The kit went in well and all the blocks are in but it didn't appear as if I had to use the steering extension. I was careful and watched every inch that was jacked up and down to get the pucks in and nothing looked like it was binding or breaking. Keep in mind this has been garaged all week and I don't plan on driving it until everything is complete. Is there anyone on here with a 2002 Durango 4.7l with electronic 4wd switch that has done this?

I understand it might have just stretched and is in place right now, but I don't want to cause any further damage or break anything else.

If its really needed then i'll put it in tonight, however if there are others that haven't had to install it and its fine, I may leave it as is. I don't off-road or beat on it all that hard.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
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