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2002 Dodge Dakota grille

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I needed a front grille but figured that one from Dodge would be ridiculously priced and that the after market ones on Ebay are probably chinsey, so I purchased a used hood from Craig's List with a grille attached. When I got it home and tried unbolting it, the bolts pulled out of the grille cause of rusted nuts, and part of the grille socket broke off too. So, where do I go from here? Are the aftermarket ones on Ebay cheap crap or is it worth buying? Do they come with bolting packages to replace the rusted bolts? Or does anyone have an old grille for sale with bolting package? I have a 2002.

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Have you found the one you looking for? My dad used to purchase on amazon but our latest grille is from Grille Assembly | Mopar Parts though I not so much familiar with the bolting package you have mention, I hope this would help you.
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