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2001 to a2008 4.7 will it work

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hi, iam new to the forum. I am looking at putting a 2008 4.7 into my 2001 dakota cc which also is a 4.7 and just wondering what if anything will need to be changed any info would be great. AND THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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Speaking as somebody who actually did a cross-platform engine exchange on a Chrysler product, I can tell you this:

It should be possible to swap in a 2008 4.7L V8 in place of a 2001. You will most likely have to swap cam and crank tone wheels, and you will more than likely have to swap out the engine wiring harness. You might could get away with using 2008 cam and crank sensors if the sensor holes are themselves physically different (such as hole size or mounting bolt placement), but there is the possibility you'd have to splice them into the 2001 harness. That's not too hard to do.

The ignition system? Might could be a challenge, but I tend to doubt it. The most challenging part of this is, again, the possibility of splicing in the 2008 COP ignitors onto the 2001 wiring harness.

The big problem with the 2008 swap would be that the 2008 engine is throttle-by-wire, instead of a more traditional throttle cable arrangement that the 2001 engine has. This is the reason why you'd need the 2001 harness.
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