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2001 to a2008 4.7 will it work

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hi, iam new to the forum. I am looking at putting a 2008 4.7 into my 2001 dakota cc which also is a 4.7 and just wondering what if anything will need to be changed any info would be great. AND THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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The 2008 4.7L is making nearly just as much as the HEMI when it debuted in 2003... Add a few bolt on's and it will be a well worth while transplant and a whole lot easier and stand toe to toe with most HEMI's...

So to answer the question, YES it can be done. There are a few Ram owners who have done this swap. You would need to swap the tone rings and step down to one plug...just leave the un-used spark plug in place or install a set screw in all the unused plug holes.

Most all the sensors on the later 4.7L can be used on the newer one.

You will need the throttle body adapter plates to install your cable throttle body to the "Fly By Wire" throttle body.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

What are you talking about on the plugs? ONE coil fires TWO spark plugs. The firing orders are the same. Use your adapters, swap tone rings, and get a SCT program. It would be more than worth it. 310 HP/330 TQ.
I wasn't sure if our ignition system would see the dual coil/plug as a problem and not have the needed voltage to fire them since it was designed for a single coil plug/coil set up. Kind of like the HEMI trucks when they run Shorty wires under boost or Nitrous... I have not done the swap myself so I have not tested or experienced that set up yet.

Well I am running the 4.7 electronics at this very moment on my 5.7 swap. I am not boosted yet, but I understand what you are getting at. However I could not see running a single spark plug in a chamber designed to work with dual plugs working out very well. I would think that the shape would be designed to work with both plugs and efficiency and power would suffer if you ran a single plug.
a 2008 4.7L swap into a 2001 would not be that big of a deal...
He can run his 2001 harness if he swaps out the crank & cam tone rings.

He can run his "cable" throttle body with our adapter plates.

I do suggest that he invest in SCT since his 2001 factory tune is not as good as the 2008 factory tune.

The timing and fuel maps will be very different. I have never seen a stock fuel or timing map from an 08+ engine but given the nature of the engine I know they will be different. I will also mention that the 3.7 has an identical compression ratio, piston, and combustion chamber design to the older 4.7s and ran different maps as well.

But as far as the physical ignition being a problem. The 4.7 PCM will fire the newer 4.7 or 5.7 for that matter coils just fine. I am missfire free all the way to redline and probably beyond.

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Now on the 03, it would be much easier?
Well on ANYTHING with a NGC controller in it.
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