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2001 to a2008 4.7 will it work

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hi, iam new to the forum. I am looking at putting a 2008 4.7 into my 2001 dakota cc which also is a 4.7 and just wondering what if anything will need to be changed any info would be great. AND THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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The bolt ons to give a 4.7 as much power as a Hemi are VERY expensive.It would be a headache either way "install a 08' 4.7" OR "install a 5.7"-Hemi with 345hp.from the factory. 4.7...the computers are different,"You have two"TCM-PCM, 08' has one. The only way I would do it is if someone was GIVING me the 08'-4.7..
I would put a Hemi in it..Mines a 2001 Dakota Quad cab with 2004,5.7 Hemi.
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