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I bought a Dakota rt 3 months ago and after 2 months of driving it I got a hole in the radiator. I have been busy with school so I didn’t fox it until this morning. I went to pick and pull and found a radiator from a 04 4.7 Dakota. When I was installing it I tried to remove the transmission cooler but the bottom connection wouldn’t budge so I got the radiator in without removing it. After starting the truck there was a giant transmission fluid leak from the cooler right near the bottom connection block. Is there a way to repair the cooler or should I just replace it? Also the radiator I got was thinner so I think it is a one row where as the one that came out of my truck was a two row. Does this matter? My third question is if I wanted to buy a radiator and transmission cooler what brands are best and should I get an all aluminum radiator or stick with one that has plastic ends? My last question is has anyone fabricated a radiator from a different vehicle to fit the Dakota? pick and pull won’t refund me cash so I was thinking about getting a radiator off a different truck and making some mounts.
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